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About Us is a web portal conceived and designed in order to make it different, reliable and honest as compared to our family web portals available to you on the net. Extraordinary care was taken to screen and display only those profiles that fulfil all our eligibility criteria’s. It is our earnest effort to display those profiles that are keen to find their partner as soon as possible and continue this relation and convert it into a sacred relation called Marriage. The name was selected keeping in view the demand and voice of youngsters telling their parents or relative – “की हमारी शादी करादो”. The aim of is not to capitalize on the need of a person, rather our effort is to have full transparency as regards to name, age, religion, occupation, education, experience, address, parents and siblings details along with the contact number and email Id of a candidate as and where available to us. This web portal was made keeping in view our Director’s viewpoint of keeping genuine profiles with extensive diversities from all across India and globe. We at as a team provide you with the best of your desire of life partner and a feeling full of love, care, affection, bonding and sacrifice by your choicest spouse. Wishing you happy searching. Feel free to send us your suggestion and blessings at and We thank our patrons for the encouragement and support which make us 5 years old today i.e. 21.03.2015.

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